Babies and Educational Toys

Babies and Educational Toys

Babies are naturally inquisitive. Hence they start learning the day they're born. In fact, babies are quite aware while still in the womb. Once they enter the real world, they're forced to adopt a routine and learn new tasks which were previously unfamiliar. For instance, even something as simple as learning to drink from a bottle is foreign to them, and each day the learning progress goes on. So it can be said that it's never too early to teach a baby new tricks.

I mean, why not? Where's the harm in wanting to teach your baby and assist with learning new skills? There isn't. Better yet, you don't even have to do the teaching. That's why educational toys were invented. These toys aim to entertain as well as educate and can be found in stores and websites worldwide. 

For babies and toddlers, parents should be on the lookout for developmental STEM toys. Why? These toys aim to make your baby aware of their senses. Hence emphasis is put on a toy's shape, texture, colour and sound.

Language development progresses as your baby hears new sounds. Buying him/her toys that talk and sing play a vital role in developing their language skills as they grow.  Hearing is critical to a baby's health; if you notice something off, make sure to consult your doctor right away.

A Baby's first doll or teddy can be an educational experience. Infants learn to cuddle, coo, touch and teeth on them too. Look around to find the right one. The different parts of the doll will allow them to explore new shapes, colours and textures. Try getting a doll that has different fabrics or getting one with knotted feet, giving the baby something to teeth on. Be cautious of getting teddies and toys that have choking hazards such as loose buttons and beads.

Buy your new baby a plush toy that sings to them. For example, have a look at our 'BABY LIL' CRITTERS MOOSICAL BEADS' singing cow teddy.

Musical teething rings are different teaching your new baby different textures, music sounds and some come with a mirror. Mirrors show them to know who they are and allow them to see their facial expressions. The easy grip made just for the baby in mind is great to teach them how to hold things. Please have a look at our 'STACKING RING STEM LEARNING 9 PIECE SET.' 

Crib mobiles are great to keep your little one intrigued and come in many different shapes and sizes. They simultaneously expose the baby to movement,  sounds, colors and shapes, keeping their attention. Make sure to look at our 'BABY REESE INFANT STEM PORTABLE MOBILE.' 

Ensure that the toys you buy for your baby are safe. Buy toys according to the appropriate age group on the box to stay in their field of growth and knowledge, giving them room to challenge themselves and progress further. With educational toys, Teaching can be made easy and once your curious newborn starts learning and exploring... you won't be able to stop them!