Hacks To Help New Parents Get Some Sleep

Hacks To Help New Parents Get Some Sleep

The joy of a new baby is certainly special and something that all new parents experience. However, a lack of sleep is also part of having a new baby, and new parents get very little sleep if any at all. Fortunately, there are some strategies and tips to help new parents get some sleep when the new baby comes. Of course, with a baby, you will never get an overabundance of sleep, but these tips will help you at least get enough sleep to keep your sanity.

Tip #1 Take Turns

When the baby starts crying, both parents generally wake up, even if only one attends to the baby. However, in the first couple of months, both parents might get up each time the baby cries. This will lead to a lack of sleep for both parents. Generally, taking turns is the best option and will help everyone get just a little more sleep.

Tip #2 Nap With Baby

If you are babysitting while tired and the baby goes to sleep, then take the opportunity to nap as well. This will allow you to get some much-needed sleep. So, whether the baby naps in the morning, afternoon, or early evening you should also get a little rest because you never know when the baby might wake up.

Tip #3 Accept Help

When you have a new baby, plenty of people are willing to help from parents, siblings, friends, and other family members. So, when you need to get some sleep, accept some of the help that is being offered. Having your mom care for the baby for just a couple of hours will allow you to get some much-needed sleep.

Tip #4 Keep Baby in Nursery

The baby should sleep in the nursery and not with the parents. It is often tempting to allow the baby to sleep with the parents, but this is not healthy for the child or the parents. So, put the baby to sleep in his crib in the nursery. When the baby cries, one parent can quickly attend to the baby without disturbing the other parent. This allows a little more sleep for new parents.

Tip #5 Feed Baby Before You Sleep

If your baby has been asleep for several hours and you are getting ready for bed, wake the baby for a feeding. Most babies wake during the night because they are hungry, so if you feed the baby late before you go to bed, they will likely sleep until early morning or 6-7 hours. This will allow you to get some continuous sleep, even if it is not as much as you want.