Preschool is important for healthy child development

Preschool is important for healthy child development

Preschool Activities And Games Help Create a child's personality

Preschool children should engage in different activities and games to encourage their physical and mental development. Young children are easily distracted, having a very short attention span, and any attempt to introduce them to serious academics will be met with frustration. On the other hand, they would happily embrace learning willingly  if it incorporated fun and games. When it comes to STEM education, we consider developmental play to be one of the most crucial phases of a child's growth. Not only does it build their character but it also shows that it's never too late to start engaging their brains.

How important are fun and games to the process of learning?

Children are born learners because they are very curious about their surroundings. Haven't you noticed the eyes of a baby looking at every object within their field of vision? All you  have to do is to turn that natural curiosity into actual learning. Once they know that they have to learn to accomplish something or even to please those whom they love, they will do that all on their own.

There is nothing extraordinary about it. Children learn a variety of things by watching and copying i.e talking, drinking from a cup, using a fork, using the toilet, walking etc. Leading children by example is a very practical way of guiding them through new tasks.

There are other things that they learn overtime, like eating from a plate, writing and drawing, keeping their toys in order, not breaking the toys, etc. in order to receive a happy nod from people they adore.

Preschool games and activities can make a world of difference to children in their process of learning. What they learn during their preschool days has high retention value, hence the imprint stays for years and has an impact on their personality and attitude. How receptive they will be also depends on this. Believe it or not, toys can also be an excellent facilitator of mental growth but it’s important to get them the right kind of toys, toys that will not only entertain but contribute to teaching the child.

A recent study based on children who dropped out of school found that those who went through preschool activities and games encountered essential socialization skills and  were less likely to become high school dropouts.

Enjoying STEM curriculum based activities together is one way to spend with your kids whilst also educating them and investing in their future. If you are looking for more ideas read our article “Baby sleeping tips: developing sleep associations”.