Toys appropriate for one-year-old children

Toys appropriate for one-year-old children

From a helpless, fragile little newborn who couldn't even open their eyes, you’ve seen how your little kid blossomed into becoming the active, curious, and energetic 1-year-old that he or she is right now.

Now is the time he graduates from the baby rattles and squeaky toys that used to cause them to burst into a fit of giggles. It is now time  that they progress to more advanced gadgets that are suitable for appropriately developing their cognitive skills and stimulating their mental growth.

Toys for one-year-old children include:

Stackable toys like our Stacking Ring STEM Learning 9 Piece Set  that come with rings in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. This toy helps introduce your kid to a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. By learning how to stack these toys up, your child improves their hand to eye coordination, motor skills and spatial awareness.

Unbreakable mirrors of assorted sizes - You might have noticed that your kid is fascinated by the reflection he sees in the mirror. Toys like unbreakable mirrors are not only entertaining but will also allow for self-discovery, which is essential in their developmental progress.

Squeeze toys like the Baby Navy Multi-sensory Learning Cube  are useful to improve your baby’s grasp. The squeaky sounds will make your kid burst into laughter. Give your kid different types of squeeze toys. Hide a toy and make your toddler look for it to engage their problem-solving skills.

Building toys such as large building blocks - your kid will be able to construct different creations from these toys that is essential to hone in on their creativity and imagination.

Balls of various colours and sizes - Play soccer with your kid to develop their motor skills and eye to foot coordination. Use the balls to teach him about the different sizes and colours improving their ability to visually distinguish the differences.

Educational  books with colourful images and vibrant prints. While your kid looks through these books, narrate and explain to him and tell him about the certain things in the book, this will be beneficial for your kid’s conceptual and language development.

Large dolls, plush toys or puppets - Babies are quite enthusiastic about puppet shows. They're actually quite beneficial as they will teach your kid about the art of conversation and encourage positive interaction. Have a puppet talk to you and then respond. Talk about funny things or sing together.

Toys that mimic real-life devices like toy telephones  that imitate older people is how a baby learns about the environment around him. Use the toys to encourage imitative play and efficiently cultivate their social and language development.