Kids STEM Songs | Developmental Play | Ages: 3+ yrs

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  • Two-CD and DVD package featuring songs about science that showcase a diverse group of children's music artists on a wide-ranging assortment of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) subjects, employing the art of making STEM more fun through music (also called STEAM the A for the Arts), with the styles of music as different and engaging as the performers on Disc 2.
  • The package also features Dan Crow s award-winning CD Concoctions on Disc 1 and a DVD of five animated music videos starring character Anny Dallshouse, a teen mentor who takes kids through a world of animated science fun on Disc 3. 

KiKi’s Insight: use this CD to teach your kids about STEM subjects through the use of fun songs which will allow them to retain the information easily.