7 Tips to Help Your Kid Develop a Positive Self-Image

7 Tips to Help Your Kid Develop a Positive Self-Image

The adolescent and teenage years are often seen as a very difficult period in life, especially for teens who are overweight.  Many children are not receptive of those who are overweight further fueling a negative self-perception.  Research shows that parents who embrace a positive attitude and openly show their children qualities of optimism and resilience make drastic differences that can be translated into successful, healthy adult years.

Try these seven tips to encourage a strong, optimistic perspective in your overweight child:

1) Have faith in your Children.  Assure them that you are on their side and that you expect them to be the best person that they can be, although you don’t have the expectation that everything they do should be perfect. Nobody is perfect.

2) Find other adults who foster self-confidence in your children.  Teachers, aunts, uncles, neighbors and friends can help make a huge positive difference for your overweight child.  Other adults that are able to see beyond weight and help them build strong qualities can help your child take control of their lives.

3) Motivate your children to stay interested in a variety of activities.  Let them know that their interests are important and deserve to be developed, whatever it may be. It would be wise to have your child engage in activities that entertain as well as contribute to their physical and mental development. Tools such as educational toys and kits are great for teaching and enlightening children without them even knowing. They are also great facilitators for instilling a sense of accomplishment within your child, thus positively influencing their self-image.

4) Celebrate your children’s success and teach them to accept defeat in a healthy manner. Let your child know that you appreciate their efforts and how strong they stay whether they win or lose—positive attitude and effort matter more than a victory.

5) Encourage fun conversations about the future.  Assume they are going to university and considering different career paths.  Let your child know that they are capable and you're rooting for them. Expand on your child's knowledge and their ability to effectively discuss topics they’re passionate about by getting them books and novels that they’ll enjoy reading.

6) Be a role model for perseverance.  Be sure your children understand that some tasks are difficult, but you don't quit and keep pushing until you conquer obstacles. 

7) Facilitate family, good vibes and laughter.  A family that can joke, laugh, and lighten up each other's day with humor can help prevent negativity and tension.

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