Science Stem Toys

Are you raising the next Albert Einstein or Rosalind Franklin? Does your kid have a natural engrossment in the vast world of physics, chemistry, biology or technology? Well, count your lucky stars that you have been blessed with a star of your own. It’s easy to say science has taught us that through means of observation, theoretical & practical study and data interpretation we can discover not only the secrets of the world...but the secrets of the universe. Our STEM science kits and activities help educate that, even the aspects of life that we consider mundane can be so elaborate and exciting. 

Let's take Newton's Universal Laws of Gravitation, for example, the mere act of throwing a ball takes aspects such as momentum, velocity and a gravitational constant into consideration. Those ice trays that you just put into the freezer? Did you know that once the water drops down to 0.01 degrees celsius, it reaches thermodynamic equilibrium, meaning it reaches the triple point whereby it can simultaneously exist in all three states of matter. 

The avenues that your little scientist could pursue are endless, the information that they could retain from doing limitless. We want to help your STEM kid not only realise their true potential, but expand on it. With our science stem toys, they will be able to do just that.