Educational toys - do they help?

Educational toys - do they help?

The objective of any educational toy is to educate. They're expected to make learning fun and help kids to grasp the basics of the subject matter that the toy falls into. Educators have also begun to promote the value and power of educational toys in increasing a child's intellectual ability which in turn aids them in excelling at school. Educational toys and STEM toys in particular have a number of benefits:

  • Developing a child's abilities

  • Educational Stem toys develop a child, both physically and emotionally as well as intellectually. When it comes to selecting the right toy you have to take into consideration the child's age.

    For example, a newborn needs an educational toy that will help it grasp basic concepts like visual stimulation and hand-eye coordination. Toddlers might simply enjoy toys that will help them indulge in a variety of activities. Older children need more complex educational toys to meet their growing cognitive needs

  • Promoting creativity

  • STEM  toys also stimulate a child's creativity and imagination. Every educational STEM toy available requires children to think and use their reasoning ability to come up with creative ways to solve problems  and find alternative and novel solutions to completing tasks. The end result is a child whose brain is firing on all cylinders.   

  • Enjoy the learning process.

  • Educational toys are getting extremely popular because they are an essential mix of learning and entertainment. Children get tired of needing to study and learn. more so, when they're forced to do it.

    With educational toys, children often do not realize that they are actually gaining some valuable learning insights. They will learn, but in a way that's natural and captivating hence they will better understand the concepts they are meant to learn. The whole aim is to make learning fun!

  • Broadening knowledge and interest

  • One of the most important benefits of using educational STEM  toys is that they increase the knowledge base of the children. There are various STEM curriculum-based educational toys that cater to particular subjects, such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. 

    If such educational toys are made use of from an early age, they help in sparking an interest and a passion in the children in the subjects that they will be studying in a few years. The fifth industrial revolution has begun and it's imperative that children are prepared from now for the future!  

  • Increasing intelligence

  • As a general objective educational toys should also increase a child's overall intelligence. This is because they challenge their mental capabilities, engaging them to think and perform. 

  • Cognition

  • Many educational toys cater to the specific needs of children, who have not yet started kindergarten. They focus on developing crucial cognitive skills and motor skills. As children get older the toys available to them are designed to continue honing and improving those cognition skills. 

    •  Increases dexterity

    They help in increasing mental and physical dexterity as well. This is important for children who have learning difficulties or are suffering from conditions like autism. 

    Educational STEM toys, help in problem-solving and at times, are so efficient that even mentally challenged children, learn to read better and think faster than they would have done if traditional methods of teaching had been used.

    All in all, these seven reasons  answers the question,. Yes, educational toys are useful and must be a crucial part of the educational process of all kids.