Protect your child's emotional well-being

Protect your child's emotional well-being

In the effort to balance our family life with that of our jobs, we might have been neglecting an all-important factor of our children's life:  their emotional well-being. Positive emotional well being is critical for ensuring your kids are open to learning and happy to absorb new information.  The first three years of a kid's life are important and the experience of constantly changing circumstances can be unsettling for a young child. 

The three years are critical in numerous ways. This is when emotional separation and bonding takes place.  If there are interruptions or halts in either of these processes, it can result in misbehaviour from the child's side. It can impact their motivation to learn and develop their skills. 

From ages one to three, the brain undergoes rapid development which will never be experienced again. By the time they reach the age of three, a child's brain is already 'hardwired' from the experiences they've had up to that specific point.  It's pertinent that these be loving, and positive experiences in order to condition the brain to have an optimistic mindset. This is a crucial period to get your young child interested in learning and education. This is the period of their lives where developmental toys are critical components of a healthy upbringing. 

Therefore it's essential that parents and caregivers make concerted efforts to ensure the child's emotional requirements are met in a manner that's constructive and healthy. It is the parent's responsibility to make sure that the child's care providers are stable, consistent and are champions of learning and STEM education during this important phase as opposed to frequently changing them around or introducing learning at later age. The child needs to have structured routines and schedules that emphasize education. During this time, be sure to spend quality time with your child as often as possible, regardless of your otherwise hectic lifestyle.  Children can sense when you are overwhelmed or stressed out, and it can become confusing for them. Enjoying STEM curriculum based activities together is one way to spend with your kids whilst also being productive and investing in their future. If you are looking for more ideas read our article 5 Tips to enrich your children’s mind that doesn’t cost a cent

Remember that your child's emotional state is just as important as their mental state, so do your part to make sure your child knows they're growing up safe, secure, loved and treasured and never miss an opportunity to inspire your young one to love STEM education!