Fast and Furious Car Building Kit | Science + Engineering + Math | Ages: 8+ yrs.

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  • This is the perfect intro to engineering! It will provide fascinating hours of educational fun while lighting enthusiasm, imagination and curiosity - The 4WD DIY car model toy can be a science project and will teach about technology & mechanical transmission structure - This special circuit building toy will spark excitement in every kid - A must have unique STEM toy for kids!
  • Our kit is made of the best high quality materials that would withstand hours of play and is certified to meet the strictest quality and safety of American toy standards. Besides being super fun and challenging, it has been tested by a third party ASTM certified laboratory to ensure the safety of your kids while having long-lasting durability. Rest assured knowing your kids are safe from harmful chemicals.
KiKi's Insight: Great toy with step-by-step instructions. Great for kids who like to put things together but may get frustrated if there are to many pieces.