Smart Kid Architecture Set: Eiffel Tower & Sydney Bridge | Engineering + Art + Math | Ages: 8+ yrs.

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  • Bring complex concepts into clear focus for budding engineers and Scientists with award winning components and step by step illustrated assembly instructions
  • Learn how structural components work together to create awesome structures
  • Build a version of the Eiffel tower and Sydney bridge!
  • Manual includes detailed graphical instructions on assembling the Eiffel tower and Sydney bridge structures.
  • Models illustrated online at Engino website or using the Engino 3D app downloadable free for Android or Apple iOS. Made in CYPRUS
Kiki's Insight: Wonderful toy for kids who love building and adventure!  Even if they have never been to Paris they can now say they have seen (and built the Eiffel tower).   This is great for teaching kids patience, critical thinking and following processes.