Future Engineer | Architectural Engineering Model Building Kit | Engineering | Ages: 8+ yrs.

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  • Play the role of architect and engineer as you build over 20 models of structural elements and real-world buildings!
  • Start with basic structures like trusses, arches, and domes, and move on to scaled-down models of real-world buildings!
  • New flexible building pieces mimic steel frames.
  • Explore the field of architectural design and learn about modern day building materials.
  • For ages 8-14 , includes a 44-page, full-color manual that guides building exercises and encourages kids to dream up their own designs.
  • A parents' Choice Gold award winner
KiKi's Insight: Great toy for kids that have shown an interest in engineering or architecture. This toy will really get your kids creative juices flowing and the fact that you can start with basic structures to more elaborate ones is perfect for beginners and experts.