My First Coding Book | Children's Book | Ages: 5-7 yrs.

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  • Kids are introduced to computer programming language through large text and succinct definitions.
  • The title explores very basic coding processes for young coders so they can learn about finding patterns, repeating loops, and storing data.
  • The book will have kids, as well as parents, using words such as algorithm, flowchart, and variable in a very simple context. The board book format results in an interactive, easy to maneuver volume, filled with lift-the-flap and pull-tab activities.
  • Each spread is organized like a lesson plan—new vocabulary words, definitions, and an interactive game are included. Each game is accompanied by colorful illustrations with clear directions and a quick assessment at the end of each activity.
  • A great introduction to the behind-the-scenes world of computer programming for independent or group use. A fine addition to any board book collection!

KiKi’s Insight: For the kid who is an aspiring tech-wiz.  Definitely a good entry point for them to familiarise themselves with basic vocabulary, definitions and processes relating to computer programming.