Code Piano | Learn Real Coding & Technology Skills | Technology + Art | Ages: 8-12 yrs.

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  • MUSIC + CODING : Kids learn how to make and modify their own electronic music with Code Piano. Free online project guides show them how computer programming works.
  • ALL INCLUSIVE : The speaker and buttons are built into this circuit board and it comes with handy reference cards, USB cable, and carrying case. Nothing else required to get started
  • PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS : Projects designed by parents, teachers, and engineers for kids who are just starting with typed code. Step-by-step guidance helps them learn important skills
  • Free software requires a Mac, Windows, or Chromebook computer or laptop and an internet connection. Not compatible with smartphones or tablets
KiKi's Insight: Kids love that they can control their own music and show off their skills and you will love that kids are learning important S.T.E.A.M. and technology skills.  This is also very small and compact so its perfect for a stocking stuffer or give-away bag gift.