Baby Loves Coding! | Children's Book | Ages: 0-3 yrs.

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  • While its audience may not be quite ready to pick up a Python manual, this addition to the Baby Loves Science series introduces a few transferable concepts (ordering, cause and effect, pattern recognition) clearly and accessibly.
  • Ages up to 3. 
  • Ruth Spiro won awards from Writer's Digest and Willamette Writers and was a Bank Street College of Education Best Book of the Year. Ruth is a frequent speaker at schools and conferences, and recent presentations include the Early Childhood STEM Conference at CalTech and the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. 
  • Illustrator Irene Chan’s bright and stimulating pictures are a perfect complement to this fun story, provide lots of visual interest for pre-readers.
KiKi's Insight: This book has big words, like algorithms and computer. It’s another learning book without animals or mysteries, but there’s kind of a story: the story of how computers tell trains to do things. Or how programmers tell computers to tell trains to do things. This book is accurate enough to satisfy an expert, yet simple enough for baby