Baby Loves Water | Developmental Play | Ages: 6 mo +

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  • 8 pc Bath toy, can light up automatically when you put them in the water. Flashing brightly and slowly so that your kids love to play with them during bath time
  • Great for imaginative coordination skills and can even help teach colors
  • Pool toy, including 8 different styles of animals, Batteries are included and installed. Battery life normally over 3 months and up. (depending on use)
  • Fun floating characters - Each waterproof rubber animal floats in any type of water, great for bathtubs or swimming pools
  • Children from 6 months plus can use this toy
Kiki's Insight: Perfect size toy for babies Infants Toddler little hands to hold. Your kids face will light up when they see these creatures in their bathtub or swimming pool.  Make this a learning exercise by teaching them the names and colors of the creatures and by having them reach for the toys to improve dexterity and coordination. This is small enough that you can even give this as a party favor.