Rocket Science for Babies | Children's Book | Ages: 3+ yrs.

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  • Age Range: 3 and up
  • Start 'em young with this STEM-centric board-book that promotes science literacy. 
  • Simple illustrations and simple explanations to launch your future rocket scientist. - NPR
  • Science Friday "Lively explorations of physics, technology, and space
  • This series is entirely age-appropriate and baby-accessible, featuring bright colors and simple sentence structure; it's just that instead of teaching words like "hippopotamus" they teach words like "electron". A wonderful way to help stimulate interest in math and science from an extremely early age, the Baby University series is highly recommended, especially for library collections intended for pre-Kindergarten children.
  • Chris Ferrie knows it's never too soon to learn Newton's three laws of motion or Einstein's theory of general relativity. His board books are illustrated with eye-catching graphics for baby geniuses and written with a tongue in cheek humour for their adult friends, who might also learn a thing or two about aerospace engineering.

KiKi’s Insight: Use entertaining graphics to teach your toddlers about laws of science before they even get to learn about it in school! A great way to introduce science to them as a fun, exciting subject to learn about.