Wonder Wheel Suction Cup Toy | Developmental Play | Ages: 6+ mos.

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  • Centerpiece spinners enhance visual tracking, and strengthen fine motor skills.
  • Spinning wheel encourages baby to reach, tug, and bat, developing hand-eye coordination.
  • Suction cup base attaches to solid surfaces for frustration-free play.
  • Trapped within the clear structure are colorful beads, which help baby connect the sound to sight.
  • The spinning center pieces provide a higher level of visual tracking and strengthen fine motor skills.
  • The Wonder wheel has multiple texture points, encouraging baby's tactile exploration. Plus, the suction cup base attaches to flat surfaces such as high chairs and table tops for frustration-free play!
KiKi’s Insight: This spinning wheel won’t only keep your child entertained but also aid in developing their hand-eye coordination, motor skills and visual tracking.